As the  Project + Community Manager for the Antiracist Artist Podcast (AAP), I handle the a significant portion of the communications for AAP. Via social media platforms, I handle the daily communication and positing for AAP's Instagram. Write the copy for some of the Instagram posts and most of the Instagram stories. I respond to the messages and comments for the Instagram. I am the main contact person for the Reading Community (Book Club) working with BIPOC owned bookstores and securing sponsorship. Write the ad copy for the partnered bookstores and handle the transcribing process for the episodes. 

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As the lead producer for the Furlough Network Podcast in 2020,

I developed some new technical skills including: 

  • Mixing soundtracks through GarageBand;

  • Posting the episodes on hosting sites, including Lisbyn;

  • Wrote the copy for the episode descriptions, episode titles, and website pages;

  • Managed the overall "behind the scenes" and more.

I created a process to manage interviews and scheduling of the podcasts.  I worked cohesively with the core Furlough Network team to market this venture through social media and email marketing efforts.

In 2018, I became one of the lead producers of a new initiative to work with Entercom and the Select Greater Philadelphia teams to produce a radio and podcast show called Growing Greater. The radio show, now turned into a stand-alone podcast, highlights successes and challenges from a diverse set of academic, business, and civic leaders. Working exclusively with the executive producer and host of the podcast, I created a system of tracking stories, episodes, advertisements, and marketing efforts to promote the show. I became the primary editor for looking over the copy for scripts and podcast descriptions, wrote copy for advertisements, and managed in-house interview recordings.

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