Building my career in the City of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection (Philadelphia, PA) has given me the opportunity to build years of expertise in being able to pay attention to every detail in order to build towards a grander end result. As a bilingual (Español) marketing professional, I can juggle many projects simultaneously while still being able to deliver those same projects in a timely and efficient manner. My ability to adjust to a variety of situations produces the best results and has allowed me to specialize in copy/content writing, podcasting, and email marketing.

Beginning my career at Select Greater Philadelphia (Select), a council of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia (Chamber), in February 2014, I grew from being a business development and marketing intern to an associate of investor relations and business expansion services in July 2014. From my associate position, I earned the opportunity to be a specialist in July 2016 which, through hard work and determination, landed me as the coordinator for Select in July 2018 to June 2020. Select was dissolved in June 2020 due to the direct effects of the COVID-19 virus.

Through my time as a contracted employee with Archer & Greiner, P.C. (Archer) in August to September 2020, I dove deeper into the marketing side of law firms. From working behind the scenes on their multiple websites via WordPress and Paperstreet to ramping up their emailing marketing via Constant Contact, this has allowed me to build my years of utilizing marketing tools to the next level.

Managing a variety of projects at the Chamber and Archer allowed me to specialize my skills in juggling many different marketing projects at once. Working with Entercom directly to pioneer the launch of a new podcast called, Growing Greater, taught me how to process information quickly, strategize how to create a new initiative, and market the product at the same time with no prior experience in that industry. I also worked with the NBCUniversal Media, LLC team to help market and produce a two-time Emmy winning television program called, Growing Greater Philadelphia.

I accomplished all the above all while also managing over 65+ accounts, a multimillion-dollar company budget, leading multiple event/program life cycles, and spearheaded a statewide survey with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I handled the email marketing effort of their business attraction organization called Select Greater Philadelphia, as well as write most of the copy and content for their social media platforms.

I received my BBA with a focus in International Business and a concentration in Marketing from Temple University in 2014. I am a Lenfest Scholarship Program awardee and I continue to advance my education almost yearly through a variety of courses offered by the Dale Carnegie Training program, the Community College of Philadelphia, and Drexel University.

I have not faced a challenge yet where I am not excited to work hard and see the result thrive. I love working with a variety of players that separately do not make sense but together can produce something worth presenting! 

Hola! I’m Maricela Juarez!

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